Where am I now?

As I explained various times to people privately and on this blog,  I am engaged to my “master ” and we live fairly normal lives. A lot has happened in our lives in the past year, and we’ve been focusing on that.

Firstly, we became an aunt and uncle. A lot of time went into supporting the mother with the first few steps of parenthood.

Then, I think we are both guilty of forgetting about this blog.

We both now work full time, and spend the little time we get together enjoying eachothers company.

I hope all is well in the world with everyone of you, have a great day!


What’s been going on in the world….

Master and I have been a bit on and off when it comes to the M/S side of our relationship.

I’ve had some things happening in my personal life that meant that I needed a lot of attention; all positive. So, although we’ve had some play time, Master hasn’t really had the heart to punish me whilst I’ve been already feeling down.

I’ve had a lot of sleep over the past few days, and I feel mentally healthier. Physically, I still do not feel 100%, but I can live with that.

I hope that Master and I can rebuild our M/S relationship soon because, although I really do enjoy the romantic side of our relationship, I like a healthy balance.



If any one has noticed my absence, I am still alive. My face is still swollen and I am still in a lot of pain so I have just been pretty much laying down struggling to try and eat all day every day. Master isn’t putting pressure on me at the moment as he knows that I’m sore beyond belief and he feels very sympathetic towards me. So, right now he is just taking care of me. I will be back soon-ish. Once I am not in agony and I can go back to serving my Master.



Horse Suicide.

Do you know how horses commit suicide? They hit their heads on things until they die of trauma. That’s how I feel today. I had another dentist appointment and they pulled one of my teeth out. The first few hours were hell. I wanted to smash my face on everything until I died because of the pain. Master kept telling me how well I was doing and held my hand when they were taking my tooth out. He then bought me a drink from Costa coffee and an energy drink when I started to feel well enough.

He has agreed that, as long as I show him respect and know who is in charge, I may rest tomorrow. Because, I had a tough day today filled with intense agony. But, I am in safe hands, and I know that Master is only making me go to these dentist appointments as my avoidance of dentists over the past few years is beginning to affect my health. only a few more appointments to go and then no more tooth infections hopefully! 

I will write more when we are having more eventful days again. Although I am sure that I will have lots of nice things that Master will do for me to write about tomorrow!

Good night.


‘My Master is my lover. My Master is my best friend. My Master is my owner.
I will love my Master. I will care for my Master. I will obey my Master.
To serve, to please, and to continue to learn.’

Let me love you.

For the past couple of days, the passion has really been reignited between Master and myself. You know the phase when you’re together for the first few months and all you want to do is kiss, tease and have sex? It’s been like that. Master has been teasing me a lot, and we’ve been kissing a lot more than usual. Yesterday, we even made love. This isn’t just us using a fancy word for having sex, Master actually was so gentle with me, and I was allowed to call him by his real name whilst he took me onto cloud nine. It was truly beautiful. When Master tells me he loves me whilst he is slowly pushing his rock hard dick inside of me makes me feel amazing. It was a wonderful experience.